During the academic year, live performances occur weekly on Mondays at noon, with few exceptions. At least once a quarter, weekend perfomances may be heard.

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Twilight Carillon Duet Recital

Saturday, May 9, 2009, 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

David Christensen, UCR Carillonneur
Margo Halsted, Guest Carillonneur

Performed by Margo Halsted:
1. Suite No. 1 for Carillon
Fantasia Octatonica
Toccata Festervole
John Courter (1941- )
2. Three Duets (Halsted, primo; Christensen, secondo)
Andante Cantabile

Sheep May Safely Graze

Ronald Barnes (1927-1997)
Johann Ernst Eberlin (1702-1762)
  Arr. David Christensen
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
  Arr. John Knox
Performed by David Christensen:
3. Fugue in C Major
Matthias Van Den Gheyn (1721-1785)
4. Ye Banks and Braes o' Bonnie Doon
Scottish Folksong
  Arr. Sally Slade Warner
5. The Entertainer
Scott Joplin (1868-1917)
  Arr. Margo Halsted
6. Two Duets (Halsted, primo; Christensen, secondo)

Concerto Grosso
  Adagio Recitando
  Allegro Grazioso

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788)
  Arr. David Christensen
Tomaso Albinoni (1674-1745)
  Arr. Ronald Barnes