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Carillon Recital

Sunday, March 4, 2007, 4:00 pm

Timothy Zerlang, Stanford University

1. Easter Dawning (1991) George Crumb
2. Rilke Fantasie (1996) John Courter
3. Signposts (1976) Gary C. White
4. from 14 Carillon Preludes on Appalachian White Spirituals (1987) Ronald Barnes
  Pardoning Love
  Jesus Christ the Apple Tree
  Come Think of Death and Judgment
  O Brieder, habt noch Mut
  Daniel in the Lion's Den
5. from Carmina Burana Carl Orff/arr. Jacques Maassen
  O Fortuna
  Fortune Plange Vulnera
  Chramer, gip die varwe mir
  Reie, Swaz - Chume - Swaz
  Were diu werlt alle min