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Fortieth Anniversary Carillon Recital

Saturday, November 11, 2006, 3:00 pm

Margo Halsted, Carillonneur

1. Sonatine for Carillon
  I. Andante
  II. Allegretto
  III. Adagio
  IV. Allegro
Sjef van Balkom
2. Ballet of the Little Ducks for Carillon Robert Lannoy
Two Songs from My Fair Lady Frederick Lowe
3. Dirge, Dance and Epilogue for Bells Donald Johns
Sakura Fantasy (Cherry Blossoms) Kozaburo Hirai
Arr. Sachiko Ishida
4. Nocturne II for Carillon Wouter Paap
Suite for Those in High Places for Carillon
  I. Ascent
  II. Cirrus
  III. Vistas
  IV. Orbit
Phyllis Tremmel
5. A Medley of Familiar Songs
A Single Bell Will Sound the Numbers